The NRA “ The National Rifle Association” are going after Delta airlines because they disagree with their political view about the tax break. Delta reported as an excuse, “They don’t want to get involved in politics.”

Chief Executive Ed Bastian sent a memo to employees saying that Delta airlines should focus more on the gun control debate. Especially after the deadly school shooting happened in Florida last month. Delta should not be waiting until another mass shooting happens again.

The NRA is taking revenge on what happened in a way by Delta having their tax break revoked on jet fuel. Unlike other companies that removed their affiliation on the NRA, Delta’s bad reputation started to affect both the company’s image and profits. The amount of fuel-tax was estimated to be $38 million.

Nikema Williams who is one of the voters against the tax bill said, “We as individuals who live in Atlanta should find a solution to our problems instead of ruining companies’ images such as Delta.” Now, Delta being in a very dangerous situation could harm businesses in Georgia. And Inc is one of them since the company considered Atlanta to be a second headquarters.

The competitive streak between Delta and the NRA creates a new debate over who is right and what makes it the right thing to do in this case. The NRA chose to fight back after Delta tweeted that they will end discounted rates for the NRA. Now, Delta is taking the consequences of taking the decision to send that tweet. Sending that tweet was enough to make the NRA take a step towards Delta.

At the same time, Delta is not only ending its relationship with the NRA but also losing millions of dollars. And for an airline company, Delta might not survive after the economic changes happened. There is a possibility that Delta might go into bankruptcy.

The NRA follow the principle made famous by Hammurabi which says, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” but they probably forgot that there is also another quote by The Gandhi says, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” The decision made by the NRA concerns many people who think that political issues should not be solved this way, meaning that punishing Delta because of their political decision is not the right thing to do. And the NRA decision might not stop people from killing as well, so the solution will be to find a decision that will satisfy both sides with no harms. Also, others think that both the tax break and tax break on jet fuel are not even close and the NRA is not only taking revenge on fuel tax, but ruining the future of Delta and ending their businesses with companies which seems unfair to other associations. Companies like Delta have the right to make decisions as well the same way the NRA does. The NRA response could be the beginning of a big war between both sides according to Cagle’s tweet, “Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.”