Some of The Walt Disney Company’s employees recently received great news from their employers.

Several thousand of Disney’s workers are set to receive a full-tuition payment from their employers. These workers will be able to use the funds towards either a college degree or a high school diploma. Employees may also use the payments to learn a new skill.

Eighty thousand hourly workers will be eligible for Disney’s new program. Some workers will enroll in online classes starting this fall.

The company began its “Disney Aspire” program with a $50 million fund. Millions of dollars have been added to the program on a yearly basis.

The program includes a wide range of degrees and educational programs. The funds can be used to attain bachelor’s and master’s degrees, high school equivalency, English-language learning programs, and vocational training. Some employees would be also eligible for in-person classes.

The program has also been described as “no strings attached,” as the courses taken do not necessarily have to be related to the workers’ current Disney jobs. Online courses will be administered through the Denver-based Guild Education, which works with institutions such as the University of Florida.

According to Disney’s chief HR officer:

The Walt Disney Company will cover 100 percent of tuition upfront and will also reimburse application fees and required books and materials, removing the worry of paying to start or continue school.”

Disney has joined other massive corporations in offering educational services to its workers.  Disney has added the cost of textbooks to the grants which the company will offer its employees, which is something that other companies don’t usually provide.

Disney’s program will roll out in phases. The program is currently limited to online classes. However, Disney has promised to continue to support its workers’ goals.

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