You think you are safe just because you have a home, a family and a job. You meet with people every day and communicate with them. You might know who they are and how they look, but what you don’t know is what they think about you, so you cannot see clearly if they are loyal to you or not.

Of course, everyone has gossiped at least once in their life. Even you can think of moments when you gossiped about someone. It could be your sibling, spouse or friend. What if you were the victim? There is probably something you are going to do instead like defending yourself. If you agreed that you would defend yourself but you also gossip, then notice how unfair you are.

This is our problem as a society. When it comes to ourselves, we choose to create excuses, but when it comes to other people we tend not to do the same for them. Since we are all human and we all have emotions, we should respect each other. Unfortunately, with all these new technologies it becomes easier to talk about people behind their back.

Let’s take Snapchat as an example. You can communicate with people through the app, text them and even use additional features such as sending a video “snap.” How to choose to use this app depends on you. Take a moment to think what is being thought about you when people receive your snap. Your girlfriend/boyfriend saying how ugly you were in that picture, your mom talking about how she wanted you to live your life and your friends predicting why you didn’t reply to their messages last night.

Basically, each one will judge you based on what they think or believe is true. Some people might say they do not care about what is been said about them. However, this is impossible. Even if you were one of the coldest people in the world who tend not to care about anything in their life, you would still care about what others say about you because you live with them every day. The method of saying that is just to ease the feelings of being hurt.

If people who put themselves in these situations were responsible for all of this mess then why? They are normal people using an app that becomes more common. However, they may want to keep a part of their life to themselves, especially if they do not want others to gossip about them. For people who have to gossip about everyone in their life, they may have to try to focus on their life instead of others’. Assuming to be in someone’s position before gossiping would help in changing this behavior.