Many know Dustin Diamond for his portrayal as the scrawny and nerdy character Screech, from syndicated television sitcom “Saved By the Bell.” It turns out that Dustin Diamond’s image of this slightly pathetic and lanky former child star, has changed quite a bit as he is being charged with stabbing a man.

Dustin was seen stabbing a local bar patron early Friday morning while out and about. The incident set into motion when Dustin’s date had punched a woman who was trying to sneak a picture of Dustin and her. Dustin then tried protecting his date and accidentally stabbed a man as the brawl escalated. He was acting in a form of self-defense for his own life and his date’s, and Dustin admitted to the action of stabbing another man. The two had left the bar, but witnesses and camera surveillance identified the two and would later arrest them at their residence in Wisconsin.

Photo: Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department/Splash News

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