Sony held back nothing at this year’s E3 press conference (besides information about the PS4.5). With a full, live orchestra to provide backdrop music to all of their presentations and a slew of new IPs in their arsenal, this is sure to be a press conference that goes down in history.

Sony wasted no time in unveiling the new generation of “God of War”. However, this is not just an addition to the button smashing, ultra-violent, duel sword wielding, greek god series we all know. The game appears to be entirely revisioned from the ground up. The most notable difference is the exchange of Greek mythology for Nordic mythology (think Vikings). The new game also features an entirely different combat system. Rather than having a fixed camera and very linear story progression, the camera is closer in, has free movement, and seems to promote more exploration. There is a character at that makes an appearance at the beginning that significantly resembles Kratos, although it isn’t confirmed that it is indeed him. There is currently no scheduled release date on when we will be journeying to Valhalla in God of War.

Image Via Sony/PlayStation

After fans found out that the horror project, PT, was canceled, fans were left longing for an AAA horror title to keep them up at night. Today their prayers were answered, from the ashes of PT rose “Resident Evil VII: Bio Hazard”. Though no gameplay footage was shown, the trailer looked as creepy as fans were hoping and then some. If you’re the type to laugh in the face of fear, then you can amplify the tension by playing through the entire game via PlayStation VR. Not much is known about the game currently or how it will tie into the Resident Evil universe, but with an expected launch date of January 2017, it is likely we will here more information very soon.

The next notable game that made an appearance was teased and presented by the master himself, Hideo Kojima. The crowd gave him an overwhelmingly warm welcome by chanting his name as he walked onto the stage to present his latest creation “Death Stranding”. As with all Kojima games, the trailer was shrouded in ambiguity and symbolism thus leaving us with more questions than ever before. It’s hard to describe exactly what is going on in the trailer if you’re curious to see what the internet is raving over scroll down below to Gamespot’s coverage of the press conference or watch just the trailer here. The following months are sure to be followed by speculation and theories picking apart the trailer piece by piece.

Although it was revealed earlier in the press conference, one major piece of news emerged. The long awaited game, The Last Guardian, finally has a release date. You’ll be happy to know it is not in the distant future as past E3 press conferences have announced. The game many have been waiting for will be on shelves October 25, 2016.

If you’d like to watch the Sony E3 2016 press conference yourself, scroll below and watch Gamespot’s coverage of the entire event.