There many secrets and remedies for weight loss available now that don’t necessarily work or deliver temporary results that end up causing more weight gain and health issues. What people fail to understand that weight and dieting is directly linked to blood sugar and heart health so in order to achieve proper results, all aspects must be taken into consideration. According to a study by David Gal at the University of Illinois-Chicago, when people eat while not hungry, they experience sharper sugar spikes than when eating the same number of calories while hungry. Food should only be consumed when the body is hungry and not anytime before or after that.

This is a controversial study because many diet plans that are made by personal trainers or nutritionists stress the importance of snacking mid-day and forcefully eating nutritional food even when the body is not feeling hungry. These meal plans are designed to produce physical changes that are pleasing to the client strictly on the basis of looks. Considering blood sugar is quite an important detail that many dieters leave out of their priority list and that can cause future health concerns in people.

Every time you eat, your body is faced with a surge of nutrients, fats, proteins and carbohydrates which turn into sugars. In response, your body secretes a panoply of hormones that, among other things, pull those nutrients out of the bloodstream and put them to work in the body or store them for later use.

The way to have a healthy body that is healthy inside and outside is to listen to it and give it what it asks for. Doing unnatural diets and casual snacking out of boredom can lead to more weight gain than it can do good. Snacking also kills your appetite that you should be saving in order to consume the foods your body needs when it is hungry so not eating when not hungry may just be the trick to obtain the body that you need.