Guns vs. Education

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Digg StumbleUpon Email Reddit WhatsAppSince mass shootings have become such a frequent occurrence, it is no wonder Utica College located in Upstate New York sprang into action the minute they received threats from an individual, presently unidentified, who declared themselves armed with a weapon around on campus grounds. Utica College has approximately 5000 students who attend classes on campus and online. Due to the calamitous events that have transpired at about 11am Monday morning, all of these students as well as the staffs have been removed…

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American students attacked with acid in France

Paris, France Lyon Train Station

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Digg StumbleUpon Email Reddit WhatsAppOn Sunday, four college students in their junior year studying abroad were attacked with a weak form of hydrochloric acid. The incident occurred at a train station in France by a 41-year-old woman. The Marseille fire department was contacted and the situation was handled shortly after. The perpetrator has since been taken into custody and hospitalized for mental instability. It is known that she has had mental health problems in her past. The assailant did not try to flee the scene and did…

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Maryland basketball to play its toughest Big Ten schedule, Turgeon says

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Digg StumbleUpon Email Reddit WhatsAppMaryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon has said his team’s 2017-2018 schedule is by far the most difficult itinerary it has faced since joining the Big Ten in 2014, Roman Stubbs of The Washington Post reports.  “This is a really tough league with very talented teams and this is by far the strongest conference schedule we have had since entering the Big Ten,” Turgeon said in a statement. “It is also a very impressive and competitive home schedule, which will be great for our fans.…

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