Image courtesy of Rio 2016
Image courtesy of Rio 2016

There seems to be a pattern emerging here. Every week ,more and more articles pop up regarding eSports’ immense growth. Well here’s some more of just that!

The Olympics in Rio started this week, big event and everything. With such a worldwide phenomenon, you’d expect a lot of people to be tuning it and watching it right?

Well, you’re somewhat wrong.

See, the Olympic Games were broadcasted both online and TV, yet another reason why TV ratings, in general, are down, especially for the Olympics. Despite this, online viewership still aren’t as high as eSports.

Sandvine, the broadband services company that sometimes provides snapshots of internet usage, shows that in the first couple days of the Olympics, usage of Twitch occupied more bandwidth than Olympics streaming did. Basically, more people watched online eSports than online Olympic streams.

Sandvine has even provided us with a handy-dandy little comparison chart between broadband usage of Twitch and online Olympics streaming from an unnamed U.S. network.

eSports Surpasses Olympic Views

The blue line is Twitch, the red line is Olympic Streaming.

The only time when Olympic Streaming surpassed Twitch eSports was during the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay, where Michael Phelps and his U.S. teammates won another gold. Other than that, it only ever got close to eSports.

While to some that might be scary, or even downright offensive, think about it this way. eSports are allowing an entire new generation of athletes to be athletes without traditional sports. It not only allows them to make a living doing what they love, but for some this is their primary source of income for both themselves as well as their families.

eSports are being seen the same way rock and roll was seen in the 60s. Different, revolutionary, and downright offensive to some due to the radical differences it brought along with it. In the end, however, it became of staple of society and so will eSports.