Everyone has those days when emotions run high. From bad hair days to failing test grades, life doesn’t always go as planned. Feeling overly sensitive or anxious happens to everyone, but luckily there is an unexpectedly healthy way to express your emotions: journaling. Good Therapy suggests that “people who journal find a higher sense of self-awareness and are able to reduce anxiety and gain a sense of empowerment”.

If you want to let off some steam or express your feelings, journaling is the perfect fix. Venting about a friend to other friends is disrespectful and can make you look petty (even if she was in the wrong), but keeping emotions bottled up inside isn’t beneficial. In these kinds of situations a journal is the perfect fix. Just make sure you keep it hidden so your roommates can’t read it.

via photospin
via photospin

Even if your life is stable, writing down little facts about your day can help you to remember more about your experiences. In three years you can reread your journal and look back on all the special moments you had in your life. For those of you who don’t have the gift of verbal fluency, writing down your thoughts and feelings is a healthy way to stay on top of your emotions. So, if you’re feeling lonely or down turn to your handy dandy journal. Mosey on over to Barnes and Noble and pick out the cutest journal (leather bound please) you can find and get to writing.

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