Scott Eastwood son of proclaimed actor and director, Clint Eastwood, told reporters that his father never pushed him into the film industry, but told him that no matter what he did, just “be a man.”

In a recent interview with Treats! Magazine Scott, the recent film star of 2014’s “Fury” who worked alongside Brad Pitt, told reporters that he had recently been signed on to act in Oliver Stone’s new movie ‘Snowden.”

In the interview the young actor also told reporters that his father never pushed him into doing anything he did not want to do, Scott discussed his father support by stating, “He didn’t care if I was a plumber or if I was an actor. Whatever you do, do it well. Be humble, work hard and be a man.’”


Scott then went on to explain how he got started and caught up in the film industry by saying, “I’ve never been an LA guy I think of it as kind of like high school. All of a sudden, you do a movie and…it’s like you’re in the cool crowd. But you know it can go away as quickly as it came. You can’t take Hollywood, or yourself, too seriously…I’m just happy to be working.”

When your the son of one of the most famous actor’s and film makers of the last couple decades there could be a of of pressure on you as a starting actor to live up to the family name. Scott will be taking his father’s advice to heart, and wants to remain humble just like Clint has done over all these years.

Scott then went on to express how he understands how things work when it comes to trying to stick a role, and while fighting to be chosen for a film. He told the magazine that he is not here for fame, and that “sometimes the best actor isn’t going to get the role. Which is ­s–tty, but it’s the world we live in. There are ‘other factors’ to why certain people get a role they have a big movie coming out, they have ‘heat’ on them, or whatever that is…But I didn’t get in this to be famous. I grew up loving my ­father’s work, loving movies and telling stories, wanting to be a part of that.”

Featured Photo – Reuters