Today, Warner Bros Pictures released the final trailer for the upcoming animated film Small Foot.

When I first saw footage of this movie, I was not pleased nor entertained. Honestly, I thought Small Foot would be one of those forgettable animated movies that remind you how great Pixar really is.

I am not anticipating this movie and I probably won’t see it but my fears have decreased due to the final trailer.

The premise is pretty cool and interesting. It’s a monster story from the perspective of the monster. In this movie, humanity is the mythical monster (the true monster but this film probably won’t go that far).

The best parts of the trailer is when the yeti Migo voiced by Channing Tatum interacts with the small foot (human). Migo is just trying to be friendly to the human and needs him to prove that small feet exist.

But from the perspective of the human, he’s being attacked by a yeti and is the captive of Migo. It’s quite entertaining and was hilarious to me.

Another draw for this movie is its voice cast. The ensemble includes Tatum, Zendaya, Gina Rodriguez, Common, Lebron James, James Corden, Danny DeVito, Yara Shahidi and more.

However, a negative sign to me is the movie’s release date. It’s being released in September. The September is the worst movie month of autumn and maybe one of the worst movie months of the year.

September marks the official end of the summer blockbuster season. It’s like the end of the good, fun times. It’s similar to January which is a bad movie dumping ground that is only made bearable by all the Oscars movies that had limited releases in December.

In defense of September, last year It did premiere in September and its sequel will next year. This year there are a few movies that I probably won’t see but think have a chance of being good movies: The Nun, Life Itself and The House with a Clock in its Walls.

With its final trailer, I now have a little more faith that Small Foot won’t be an abominable mess of a film.