A Fitbit is a fairly new device that can help you lead a healthier life. Once you don your high-tech Fitbit, it’s sure to change the way you live. Nothing’s better than actually seeing the effects of your workout displayed in those satisfying light up numbers on your iPhone screen.

A Fitbit is a simple band worn around the wrist. While this unassuming, slightly odd-looking arm candy seems useless, it’s secretly tracking your every move. Sync this bad boy up to your iPhone, and watch in amazement as it records your daily steps, miles walk/ran, minutes physically active and calories burned. The Fitbit allows you to keep up with your exercise regime in a healthy and convenient way.

Via Tory Burch
Via Tory Burch

If you want to go hard-core you can track your calorie intake, water intake and sleep patterns by entering certain information into your phone. The Fitbit can also work as a silent alarm, and the newest version even has caller ID (go figure). So while this thin, black bracelet may not seem particularly special, the Fitbit can honestly change you lifestyle. If you’re a little leafy about wearing an awkward black bracelet on your wrist at all times, check out Tory Burch’s for Fitbit collection, and you’ll be healthy and chic. So go from lazy and lethargic to active and happy with the flick of your wrist. Find out which Fitbit is right for you, and start your new lifestyle today.

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