The fraternity that had a spotlighted every-so-brightly shined upon them after a Rolling Stone Magazine reporter claimed she was raped by them is now setting out on a quest to get back their name in an intense legal battle.

The fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, claims that they are seeking “all available legal action” against the entertainment magazine that claimed that several of the students who attended the University, including some who are part of the fraternity, raped a reporter.

Many are familiar with the case, and it was discovered that the allegations were most likely fictitious considering the evidence that surrounded the case did not match the night’s events.

Chapter president, Stephen Scipione, told officials in a statement, “Our fraternity and its members have been defamed.” He went on to say that the members of the fraternity suffered a lot because of the story, which was read by a countless number of people.

He went on to say, “These false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization, but we can only begin to imagine the setback this must have dealt to survivors of sexual assault.”

The magazine itself has retracted the article, after another source called it a “journalistic failure.”

Rolling Stone Managing Editor, Will Dana, released a statement on the publications behalf, saying, “We would like to apologize to our readers and to all of those who were damaged by our story and the ensuing fallout, including members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and UVA administrators and students.” She continued by saying, “Sexual assault is a serious problem on college campuses, and it is important that rape victims feel comfortable stepping forward. It saddens us to think that their willingness to do so might be diminished by our failings.”

(AP Photo/The Daily Progress, Ryan M. Kelly)