Samir ait said

After practicing day and night, Olympics players give their all to be in front of the world to showcase their handiwork and talents. Just like that, French gymnast Samir Ait Said was ready to perform in the men’s Olympic preliminaries and ended up breaking his leg on camera.

The whole world has been shaken after watching the graphic footage of Said, vaulting and then falling hard ending up with a broken leg. Said pressed his hand against his face in agony, as his left leg dangled in an unnatural form while he clutched the back of his knee on national television. The camera’s quickly turned away from him but there is clear footage of the entire scene take place. Medical teams rushed to aid Said, as he lay on the landing mat in excruciating pain.

For a gymnast, it takes years of training and endless hours to get to this stage. Said’s 2016 Olympic dream came to an end with this extremely serious leg injury. All those hours of training went down the drain because of a tiny wrong movement. Many players in the past have had their careers end because of an unfortunate event, such as this one. However, Said’s leg operation was successful and he is now in recovery. He also plans to attend the Olympic games to cheer for his French team. “As soon as I’m back on my feet, I’ll be back in training and searching for that Olympic gold,” Said told reporters. This injury does not seem to hold him back and his confidence and determination remain the same. He thanked his fans and supporters around the world who wished him well during this difficult time. Said seems to have a positive outlook about his career and hopefully, fans will be seeing him good as new in Tokyo.