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Genesis always tries to bend the boundaries. Moreover, with its latest model called Genesis Mint, the Company has revolutionized the world of luxury cars. It’s an electric car. The manufacturers have focused more on the design of the car than the performance. Let’s review the amazing features of the car.

Release Date:

The Genesis Company released Genesis Mint on 16 April 2019, at Hudson Yards. The car is an all-electric luxury car. It has an organic feature design along with an innovative interior experience.

The official statement of the Genesis Company states that they are proud to produce such an amazing luxury vehicle. The Company claims that it is the ideal vehicle for driving within the city.


Genesis Mint is a full-sized car, made on the Mint concept. So, it’s relatively small with only two seats. However, its price starts at $70,000. This high-cost price is due to the elegant design of the car.


Currently, we don’t know much about the overall performance and efficiency of Genesis Mint. However, it has a powerful battery with a 350-kW charging capability.

There is isn’t much information regarding the exact engine used in the car. However, the company claims its speed to be 200 miles per hour.


The Genesis Mint has proved that even smaller cars can be luxurious. Although the car gives a sporty effect, its performance isn’t the same as the sports car. There is more focus on the design of the car. The car has amazing quad headlights with a wing-like design. The taillights are also similar to some extent. The roof is quite basic with a C-pillar. It also has a trunk-like deck and upright rear windows.

When you look at the car closely, it seems a bit bigger. The car has big wheels, which are present on the edges. However, the overhangs of the car are quite small.


Regarding the interior of the car, the Genesis has used the minimal approach to have the maximum space. The car doesn’t have an infotainment screen. However, the steering wheel contains a small touch screen with a series of quick touch buttons.

Hyundai’s global head of design, SangYup Lee states, “Are screens all over the place really effective? It’s a good thing to be connected but you are also connected in the office.”

The overall interior is covered in Cognac Leather. The interior gives the effect of a luxury apartment. Thus, it relaxes the person. Another great feature of the car is the spherical control present in it. When you turn on the car, the sphere becomes the control of the car. This feature is present so that the driver knows that the electric car has turned on.

Another important feature of the car is the G-Matrix. It is a diamond-shaped pattern present on the lower body, wheels, pedals and other components.

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Safety and Warranty:

So far, the Company hasn’t done crash tests on the car. Like other electrical cars, it’s safe to assume that it will be quite safe too. It also contains a solid outer body for protection.

The warranty on many parts of the car is 60 months up to 100,000 km. The warranty on the battery is 24 months and the air conditioner warranty is 12 months. The exterior paint can be changed within the first 60 months.

The warranty only covers the repairs and replacement of the originally manufactured parts. It doesn’t cover the normal maintenance of the car.


Genesis Mint is one of the most comfortable luxury vehicles. Although there isn’t much information regarding the specs of the car so far, one thing is for sure. Genesis Mint is an era-defining luxury vehicle.