Google is a company that has continued to revolutionize the world and how people access information. People often look to the company for the next big thing in technology and internet usage. It looks like the company is once again making very notable progress. According to NowThis, Google is using balloons to provide internet around the globe. The innovation has many people curious as to what will come of it.

The new project is taking Google’s company to the next level. NowThis reports that the balloon project is being called “Project Loon.” Officials working on the project are using the balloons to create aerial wireless networks around the globe. The project has been created in order to start providing internet access to those who do not have it. If the project continues to be successful, people in remote areas and/or areas that are not as developed will now have the opportunity to gain more internet access.

While the project is very exciting and has already had some successes, the company is still working out some of the problems. NowThis is also reporting that the balloons have been having some issues while dealing with weather conditions. In the process of testing the balloons, the creations have come across some bad weather which has led to some of the balloons failing while out on the field. The company is hoping to fix this with the usage of AI. NowThis also reports that one of the balloons has even been so successful that it stayed over Peru for almost 100 days straight.

Google is one of many companies that has and will continue to change the world. Now that the company has the resources and tools to change things on a global scale, one can only wonder what will ultimately be next for them.