Not long ago we reported on Aston Martin’s and Red Bull Racing’s supercar collaboration known as “Project Nebula,” which can be read here. The car is supposedly fast enough to lap the famous circuit known as Silverstone faster than an F1 car. Outside of that, not much else was known about the car. However that has changed, we now have official confirmation on a name, price and pictures.

The car is officially known as the AM-RB 001 and will be a mid-engine, naturally aspirated V12 that will power only the rear wheels. There are talks that it will contain an F1 style, hybrid, KERS system on board but that has yet to be confirmed. Aside from the previously mentioned, Aston Martin and Red Bull are staying fairly tight-lipped about the car’s specifications. The project has been shrouded in so much mystery we didn’t even know what the car remotely looked like until now.

Image Via Aston Martin/Red Bull Racing

A statement made by Chief technical officer of Red Bull, Adrian Newey to Car & Driver:

“The honest truth is that we are evaluating a whole load of potential solutions. I have a personal favorite, but I can’t talk about that, I’m afraid. What I can say is that central to the concept is that the car should be small, light, and efficient. And if I look at things like the current fad for dual-clutch gearboxes in this type of car, they typically weigh around 150 kilograms [330 pounds] and are very bulky. That makes that type of gearbox a complete non-starter, because it doesn’t fit with the concept of the car. We’re evaluating some different ideas in simulation. We hope to draw a conclusion in the next month or so.”

The AM-RB 001’s looks took a lot of people by surprise. Originally, a source had come forth claiming he/she had seen the car at an owners event that Aston Martin held. The individual stated the aesthetics could be likened to a Caparo T1. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The car resembles an LMP-1 car over all else. Just by looking at the car, one can tell it was sculpted in the wind tunnel and built with a purpose. The source was correct in that the car will feature tandem seating to keep the cars weight distribution running along the center.

The two companies have also confirmed there will be two versions of the car, a road going version and a track focused version. Newey stressed that the two cars will be extremely similar in every way possible. However, the track version will sport more aggressive aero features, competition tires, and other minute details.

Image Via Aston Martin/Red Bull Racing

While there wasn’t a direct mention of the car’s current capabilities, there was an absence of the words “faster than an F1 car” in this most recent statement. Newey did come out and say the team’s current benchmark is to lap Silverstone as quick as an LMP-1 car. Something that will surely prove to not be an easy feat, but if anyone is capable of conquering such a challenge, it’s Aston Martin and Red Bull.

The news everyone has been waiting for, aside from specific specs, is a price and release date. Sadly neither of these are confirmed but we do finally have a ballpark figure for both. You can expect the AM-RB 001 to arrive late next year with a price tag in the realm of $3-million USD. On top of that, the car will only be produced in a limited run of 100 models, which is appropriate considering there are probably only that many buyers in the world willing to spend that much on this car. There has been no confirmation on how many of that 100 will consist of the road going and track-only versions of the AM-RB 001.