The horrific terror attacks in Paris and Lebanon during the weekend, causing the death of  almost 300 people, have raised the Islamophobic side in many people.

On Saturday, November 14, a mosque in Peterborough, Ontario Canada, was set on fire. As of now the police is investigating the arson as a hate crime targeted against Muslims. No one was hurt during the attack on the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association’s mosque. The arson happened around 11 p.m. on Saturday, leaving the mosque empty. Though no one was hurt, damages totaling more than $80.000 were caused by the fire.

As of now $62,000 has been raised in donations through a Fundrazr page to rebuild the mosque. “This attack is very disturbing,” National Council for Canadian Muslims Executive Director Ihsaan Garde said on Sunday.

“While deeply hurtful and offensive, Canadian Muslims know that such acts do not represent the views of the vast majority of their fellow Canadians or of the residents of Peterborough,” Garde said, stressing how the act of a few does not depict the belief of an entire religious group of people.

English: Justin Trudeau promotional photo take...
English: Justin Trudeau promotional photo taken by Jean-Marc Carisse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has explained that Canada will not be participating in the bombing campaign. Trudeau stated that it was “too soon to jump to any conclusions,” at the G20 meeting on Sunday. Though Canada will be pulling out of the bombing arranged to hit ISIS, it will still be an “active member” in fighting ISIS, according to Trudeau. The Canadian government is now assessing how to contribute in the war against ISIS.

Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose is not agreeing with Trudeau on his strategy. Ambrose is putting pressure on the Prime Minister.

“The fight against ISIS requires a strong humanitarian response, but also a military response. It’s important that we remain resolute and support our allies,” Ambrose said.

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