Mothers, we have all had or have one, and without them, we would have never gotten to where we are in life. A mother is often the support structure in our lives when we are young, a beacon of love, positivity, hope, and really, your mother is what made home feel like home.  But far too often, mothers don’t have all the necessities they need, and I’m not talking about mothers in third world countries (although they need help as well), I am talking about mothers right in your backyard. There are mothers in shelters, nursing homes, many places still in need.

HAVEN HANDS Inc, a humanitarian non-profit based around helping children and mothers all over the world, who have planned a special brunch event for mothers invited from shelters, nursing homes, and anywhere else mothers are in need around the New York area to begin with, with expansions in place for the future. Set for Saturday, May 12th at 12 PM Eastern, attending mothers will receive the aid that they greatly need but are unable to find anywhere else, thanks to HAVEN HANDS as well as its sponsors for this event and all who donated goods and services for Mothers Day care packages.

Companies who have made a difference for this event include Moleskine, Estee Lauder companies , Redken, FIG+YARROW, Robanda international Inc/World Amenities Inc, L’occitane, Shea Moisture , Doucce, Gabriel Cosmetics, and Zara, with more to be announced. Items included in gift bags include hair care products, cosmetic products, clothing, and everything else a mother needs to look and feel her best this Mothers Day. A mother deserves to feel good, inside and out!

Dee Paul, board member and project director for HAVEN HANDS shared the following, “We are set to make this Mother’s Day a special one for those who usually think of it as “just another day,” while it should actually be a celebration of the life they bring into the world. Just because these women are currently experiencing some hard times doesn’t mean the world doesn’t care about them, and we want to show that to them. By helping a mother in need, you are not only helping them, but you are helping their children build a future they can be proud of. Motherhood is the most thankless job there is. It’s time to give our thanks.”

If you would like to make a donation for this event and other upcoming events dedicated to mothers in need all over the United States, you can do so at the following link:  If you have any questions on donating, or would like more information, you can do so via this email: