Category: Policy

Cape Town to Reach ‘Day Zero’ in April: No More Water

Cape Town, South Africa’s iconic city and major tourist destination, is in dire straights. Residents have 100 days of water supply left....

Children are ten times more obese compared to 40 years ago

More children and teens around the world are obese today than ever before. CNN Reported that in 1975, only 11 million people were...

California teen tries to smuggle Bengal tiger cub into U.S.

On Wednesday, an 18-year-old driver was apprehended at the U.S – Mexico border, after trying to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub into the...

Researcher Collects Data On Clandestine Supervised Drug Injection Facility in US

Over the past three years, a non-profit organization has been running a secret site where drug users can inject themselves under the...

Blowing Out Candles Can Potentially Add 1400 Percent More Bacteria to Cake

According to a new study, blowing out candles on a cake dramatically increases the amount of bacteria on its surface by as much as 1,400...

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