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“Sorry to Bother You” Combines Classism and Racism in a Powerful Satire

This is not a statement that is meant to be taken lightly: when I exited the movie theater after seeing “Sorry to Bother You,” I knew that would become an instant classic. In hindsight, I believe that the film’s pacing and intellectual engagement made it stand out most prominently in…
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Claudia Rankine’s Analysis of Serena Williams is More Important Than Ever in 2018

Claudia Rankine published “Citizen” in 2014, when the Black Lives Matter movement first began to gain a great deal of international recognition, when Charleston and Charlottesville and the election of current U.S. president Donald Trump had not yet occurred. Obviously, “Citizen” was an extremely important book at the time it…
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“Super Sad True Love Story” Reads Like Current Events Report in 2018

It has been eight years since Gary Shteyngart’s dystopian novel Super Sad True Love Story was published. At the time, a reviewer from Kirkus Reviews stated that the book was a “cyber-apocalyptic vision of an American future [which] seems eerily like the present, in a bleak comedy that is even…
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Meet South Africa’s Wax Sculptor

Famed French artist Madame Tussaud is known for her wax sculptures and, of course, for founding London’s wax museum in 1835. Artists today are inspired by her vision. The London native draws fans from all over the world to see their favorite figures brought to life. Most recently, her legacy…
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Netflix is Debuting an African Documentary

Netflix announced yesterday that it will be debuting an original African documentary, City of Joy, on September 7th. City of Joy, for which the documentary is named, is a rehabilitation center for Congolese women who are victims of rape and torture as a result of the violence throughout the eastern DR Congo.…
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