By: Milton Harris

A lot of interesting news developments have been surrounding the Honda brand recently. With the release of the newly revived NSX platform, the announcement of their new, compact, sports car the Honda S660 there’s a lot to be excited about. However rumors have been circulating around the Internet that Honda is considering the revival of the legendary S2000 for its 70th anniversary in 2018.

If one looks from Honda’s past to what they’re currently doing this speculation makes sense. The first S2000 was released in 1998 in celebration of Honda’s 50th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate their 70th.

It also seems as though Honda is in the mood of resurrecting the dead to re-enter the sports car market. With the new NSX making affordable super car buyers excited and brand enthusiasts longing for the 90’s, along with the new S660 not making it to the U.S., Honda may be cooking up ideas to launch an enthusiast centric car to celebrate their milestone.

Skeptics will say this is nothing but the imaginations of wishful gear heads due to Honda not having a rear wheel drive roadster platform to base the car. While this is very true, the Japanese automaker has already released/announced two new cars that did not have donor platforms.

The wishful thinkers will look towards the S660 as proof that Honda has a rear wheel drive platform and that the new S2000 very will could be based upon it. However, if Honda stays true to what the S2000 was, the proportions of this platform seem all wrong. To make enthusiasts happy they will most surely have to engineer a dedicated platform if they wish revive this iconic sports car.

At this point, nothing has officially been confirmed by Honda. Yet the amount of traction the idea of a reborn S2000 is gaining cannot be ignored. Until that 70th anniversary grows closer, we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope to hear from Honda soon.

Featured Image via Flickr/Jonathon Leung