K-pop is a new trend in the music industry globally. In the Korean language, it is known as Hallyu which means Korean wave. Korean k-pop music is growing and gaining popularity from early 2010 in the music industry globally. The amazing fact is that the South Korean artists have their hits in the Billboard Hot 100 charts from past 5-10 years. Since then, lead groups, and solo artists of k-pop have come into the music scene.

The trend of Korean pop is spreading like fire in the dry forest and is unstoppable. Their audience is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate because of Korean pop’s amazing music and dance choreography. It is fascinating how k-pop artists are slowly and steadily getting popular and are breaking down the walls of cultural and most importantly language barriers. There is a considerable change in the music style of the k-pop evolution.

Their music style and collaborations:

The k-pop artists have taken over the music globally with their entertaining music Style and collaborations. The collaborations such as BTS and Nicki Minaj for their song termed as Idol has gained remarkable popularity and is hitting Billboard’s top songs chart frequently. The world is welcoming and opening up for this new music style.

K-pop is the new trending thing in Social media. Not only social media, but k-pop has also ruled most of the entertainment sources such as Netflix and beyond. The upcoming collaborations of k-pop artists with Western song artists are:

  • Kiss and makeup- Black Pink and Dua Lipa
  • Let’s shut up and dance- NCT 127 and Jason Derulo
  • Mic drop remix by BTS and Steve Aoki
  • Dirty vibe by Shillex and G- Dragon
  • Temple by MIA and G-Dragon

These collaborations are making their fans eagerly waiting for their release.

Some famous k-pop artists ruling the music world:

The k-pop sensations that are leading the Korean music worldwide are;


The Korean boy band with seven members, also known as Bangtan Boys was born in 2013 in Seoul. Since then the BTS musical style not only included hip hop, but also have evolved into a wide range of genres with top rated albums. They have gained an audience worldwide.


EXO is a Chinese and Korean boy band with nine members. SM Entertainment is responsible for this group’s creation. It was formed in 2012 and made its first-ever debuts that year itself. They are the heartthrobs for millions of audience worldwide.

Black Pink

The South Korean girl band Black Pink consists of 4 members. With the help of YG Entertainment, this group took shape. They started their musical career from 2016 with genres including K-pop, hip hop, EDM and J-pop. Their videos and music style is appreciated on a large scale. The group’s recent release “kill this love” have made a YouTube history. Black Pink’s live performance has been enjoying a lot of their fans.

Got 7

JYP Entertainment formed the boy band Got 7. This band consists of 7 members. Got 7’s debutante single “Got it?”  peaked in the 2nd position in the Gaon album’s chart. Their genres include k-pop, trap, hip hop, and R&B.

Big bang

This boy band is created by the famous YG Entertainment. The South Korean band includes 4 members, and they spread the Korean wave worldwide with their top charted albums. They are known as the kings of k-pop because of the diversity of genres including k-pop, electronic, j-pop, R&B, and dance. They are active in the music field since 2006 and till now, which have given inspiration to the upcoming k-pop artists.