Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea announced on Friday that it will suspend the opening of its first location in India due to quality concerns.

Ikea has been planning the launch of its new store in Hyderabad, India for years. The company initially announced that the store would open on July 19, but they sent out a notice on Friday that it will instead open on August 9.

The store has been highly anticipated and is expected to bring in 7 million visitors annually, according to CNN. IKEA also plans on opening stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi over the next few years.

CEO Peter Betzel had this to say about the postponement:

Ikea Retail India decided to move the date as it needs some more time to live up to its expected quality commitments towards customers and coworkers. Our main priority is to create an inspiring and safe experience.

Neither Betzel nor any other Ikea spokesmen gave details about the quality concerns, but Betzel emphasized that the company wants the store to be perfect for customers before its opening. He added:

Opening the first Indian Ikea store in Hyderabad means a lot to Ikea and we want to offer the best possible meeting with Ikea for the many Indian customers.

Ikea has always focused on customer experience, which has ultimately led to its success. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the furniture giant has postponed the opening of its Hyderabad location. Ultimately, this decision will not likely lead to the loss of many customers.


Featured Image via Flickr/Hakan Dalstrom