After weeks of listening to “In My Feelings” on repeat and watching celebrities and friends do the dance challenge, there is finally a music video for this record-breaking song. It’s time to watch this video nonstop. Eventually, Kiki will answer the question.

“In My Feelings” was originally released with Drake’s newest studio album Scorpion on June 29. The dance challenge which was created by comedian Shiggy became viral a couple weeks after.

The song has also been the number one track on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past three weeks and will probably continue to reign dominance over the charts for more weeks to come thanks to its music video.

Personally, I can still listen to this song on repeat indefinitely and not get tired of it for a while (that beat though). However, I am sure there must be a few people who are getting a little tired of this song due to its massive popularity.

I call this phase in the hit lifespan of “In My Feelings” as the meh-hmmm point, This is when people still like listening to the song but are on that line of getting tired of it a little.

I imagine even if “In My Feelings” had a slight drop in popularity, it would still be number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video though will now lengthen its hold. As I write this, the music video is the number one trending video on YouTube.

I believe it is very possible for “In My Feelings” to maintain its position for the rest of the month. The video was also released Thursday night. This exact timing will help the song’s popularity as the charts are recorded for this weekend.

One must also remember that this song does have competition. No, it’s not Cardi B but the new DJ Khaled fueled collaboration song “No Brainer.” It features all the artists (except Lil Wayne) who played a role in last summer’s hit song “I’m the One.”

Coincidentally, Lil Wayne plays a role in the success of “In My Feelings” as the song samples his hit song “Lollipop.”

“No Brainer” is sure to premiere very high on the Billboard Hot 100. However, due to the “In My Feelings” music video, it won’t easily take down the current champion of the charts.

It will be interesting to see how long “In My Feelings” remains on top of its competition. Meanwhile, I’m about to rewatch its music video again and again.