From Facebook to Twitter, social media has come to rule the young lives of Americans across the nation. Whether it’s becoming Vine famous or breaking 300 likes on Instagram, the world of a social media guru is certainly exciting, but what has all this technology done to the youth of today?

John Mayor claims that Twitter stunted his creative ability so much that he had to give it up, but what about the more creative social media outlets such as Instagram? According to Business Insider, Instagram users have done amazing things marketing wise, and in this way Instagram has become the mother of all social media.

Via Instagram
Image: Via Instagram

While young adults obsess over how many likes they can get or which filter looks best, their minds are working creatively. Yes, Instagram is a way to show the rest of the social media world your extended (preferred) self, but in many instances Instagram is promoting photography, creativity and business.

Instagram can help businesses market their products, and in the name of marketing, celebrities use the same tactics to promote themselves (Kim Kardashian is an A+ example). The effects of social media seem to be slightly subjective. While some believe social media is the worst thing to ever happen, others remain constant in their beliefs that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are better than free Chick-Fil-A for a year.

Via Kim Kardashian West Instagram
Image: Via Instagram/Kim Kardashian-West

While both beliefs are valid, one thing is for sure: social media, Instagram included, is here to stay. So Instagram users everywhere should take a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book and just “shake it off”, because taking photographs and showing the social media world your creative side can boost confidence and promote creativity.

Image: Via Instagram