“You’re fired!”

This is Donald Trump’s infamous phrase, and describes something he is very well-known for before he decided to run for president: He has fired many people in his life, and during his short time as president, Trump has already fired several people high up in the white house and government. However, it still came to a surprise when he dismissed former FBI director James Comey in December 2017, after it was clear he was leading an investigation into whether members of Trump’s campaign collaborated with Russians who hacked the 2016 election. However, he claimed that he was allegedly getting rid of Comey because of his lack of formality with Hilary Clinton’s email probe.

This is only the second time a president has fired an FBI director, the first being Bill Clinton. It was shocking. It was obvious that Trump’s reasoning was bogus, considering his opposition of Clinton and the timing of the discharge.  Democrats were upset, despite their opinions on the FBI director himself, while Republicans remained silent.

The timing of the firing called more attention to the investigation of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US. election, most likely the exact opposite reaction the president desired.

Now, James Comey went public with a statement. He commented that the year-long Russia investigation was a train wreck. “It wrecked the committee, and it damaged relationships with the FISA Court, the intelligence communities. It’s just a wreck.” It has severed ties within the intelligence agencies and federal courts. There has been no evidence found of any collusion between Trump and Russia, and any tampering in the recent election. So any allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to help get Trump elected have are being disputed.

This is obviously enlightening to Trump and his campaign, allowing him to boast that there is no truth to the allegations against him. He even referred to the investigation as a “witch hunt.”

Comey is disappointed in the inability of the FBI to come to a conclusion of the investigation, and comments that the idea that it was all just a conspiracy was not the fact before he left. He is now writing a memoir, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” This memoir includes his voice on Trump and his unethical, non-credible, incompetency as a president. He plans to expose him for all his suspicions. Though this is probably fueled by animosity from his dismissal, it could lead to a lot of issues with Trump’s problematic presidency being uncovered and looked into.