Jeb Bush trash talks Trump
Jeb Bush trash talks Trump — what else is new?

The old saying goes, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Apparently, Jeb Bush disagrees. On the eve of the Republican GOP convention, Bush adamantly swore he would not vote for Trump — Republican or not. Jeb Bush trash talks Trump fairly frequently, so practically no one was surprised.

Jeb Bush was seen as the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination and has bested even Ruth Bader Ginsburg when it comes to his anti-Trump campaign. Jeb Bush trash talks Trump on a continuing basis and doesn’t seem to plan to stop.

He claims that Trump has capitalized on given frustrations within American politics. “They have given rise to the success of a candidate who continues to grotesquely manipulate the deeply felt anger of many Americans.” In short, he is not voting for Trump, pure and simple.

During the primaries, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump regularly traded blows. After Bush dropped out following the South Carolina primary, he made it clear that Trump would not get his vote. The former front-runner also does not plan to attend the Republican National Convention.

Oddly enough, after Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, Jeb Bush offered a bit of a comsult (compliment plus an insult) by tweeting, “Mike Pence is a good man. He will add value to the ticket.” You can see his Twitter stream here.

Jeb Bush is considering voting Libertarian come the election time. He is not the only Republican that has considered this move either. 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney has also suggested he might vote Libertarian. “I haven’t decided how I’ll vote in November,” Bush claimed. “…but I do know there are a lot of things Republicans can do in the coming months…for a true conservative renewal in our country.”

The Republican National Convention will take place on Monday in Cleveland.