Rapper Kanye West who once rapped “ain’t no tuition for having no ambition” received an honorary doctorate degree at the Art Institute of Chicago.

West graduated on Monday May 11th and was chosen to give a speech to his graduating class.

“When I was giving a lecture at Oxford. I brought up this school, because when I went on a mission to create in other spaces—apparel, film, performance—it would have been easier to have just said I had a degree at the Art Institute of Chicago! Thank you,” said West.

The artist has not be seen in a state of joy for a while, always looking serious and barely showing a grimace. Well on Monday West was all smiles.

The newly Dr. West who has only rapped about not finishing his education, with album titles like The College Dropout, now has a new found insight on the importance of an education.

Kanye had discovered this importance back in December 2015:

“It is true you can be successful without [college], but this is a hard world, a real world, and you want every advantage you can have. I would suggest to people to do all that you can. When I dropped out of school, I had worked in the music industry and had checks cut in my name from record labels and had a record deal on the table, and when I wasn’t successful and Columbia said, ’We’ll call you,’ I had to go back and work a telemarketing job, go back to the real world, and that’s how life is. Life is hard. Take advantage of your opportunities.”

Wife Kim Kardashian was there to celebrate her husband’s great accomplishment and posted a picture to Instagram of West in his cap and gown with the caption, “Dr. Kanye West!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you baby & I know your mom would be so proud too!!!!”

“I simply love clothes and I’m trying my best to learn. You know, making clothes is an extremely difficult exercise and you have to be very experienced and very knowledgeable to do something that’s worth people actually buying. It’s a long journey and I just wanted to come here and bow to a true master [Ralph Lauren]. And hopefully one day I can make one garment that can be mentioned in the same breath as his,” West said recently in March to express why he furthered his education.

via Instagram Kim Kardashian