Kate Spade recently committed suicide, leaving the fashion world in shock. But more surprising news came about when the Frances Valentine company found out that Spade left behind four seasons worth of designs. 

After the designer’s death, all of their handbags sold out. When including accessories and shoes to the mix, over sixty items were sold out or available for preorder only. The newly formed company launched in 2015. With the help of her husband, Andy Spade, both grew another fashion company. Their original company, Kate Spade, was the start of it all for them in 1993. However, they sold it to Neiman Marcus in 2006. 

Her business partner, Elyce Arons, released the information that Spade left designs behind for Frances Valentine. The “abundant library of her concepts” is meant to steer the company in the right direction since Spade is no longer there. 


The Frances Valentine company still grieves over the loss of Kate Spade. Arons said, “We have been inundated with calls and emails about the product, but also about people’s emotional connection to Kate. She was authentic, and I think people sensed that and really felt close to her.” 

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews