A story about a child with dreadlocks being turned away from a Christian private school due to his appearance has rightfully enraged the internet.

The Florida school in question kept the six-year-old child from attending classes on the first day of school because he was sporting dreadlocks. The child’s father was quick to share his son’s story on social media.

In a video, the boy’s father stated:

“My son just got told he cannot attend this school with his hair. If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is.”

The video is quite hard to watch, as it contains dialogue between the father and some of the school’s teachers. Some other students are seen being greeted by the staff and personnel. However, in the video, the school’s workers are seen refusing to speak with the boy’s father.

My so was told he can't attend school with his hair…. A Book's Christian Academy ) #✂️HAIRorDONTGET📚

Posted by Clinton Stanley Sr. on Monday, August 13, 2018

The school’s dress code is posted online. The dress code states that boys can’t wear “dreads, Mohawks, designs, unnatural color, or unnatural designs.” However, the way that the school’s staff approached the situation was very inappropriate, especially considering that this was the boy’s first day of school.

The child’s father decided to un-enroll the child from the private institution, stating that he didn’t want his son to attend the school anymore.

The video has been viewed over five-hundred thousand times and has sparked an intense reaction.

Civil rights activists stated on Twitter:

This is absolutely infuriating. This sharp young Black boy, clean as ever, gets kicked out of school because he has dreads. His father rightfully struggles to maintain his emotions at the disappointment of it all.”

However, some Twitter users may have stepped over the line, as one of the school’s administrators has stated that she has received constant death threats since the video was posted. She told The Washington Post:

They’re calling me everything under the sun. I’m getting it from everywhere, all parts of the country. Most of them do not speak intelligently. I bear with them until they start using the four-letter words. Then I’ll lay the phone down and play Christian music.”

The child has been temporarily sent to a public school, while his parents consider other options.

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