Kim Kardashian West and her attorneys have reportedly decided to sue the media website for claiming the actress faked her Paris gunpoint robbery.

The Kardashian West attorneys are also suing the website founder Fred Mwangaguhunga for spreading false rumors throughout social media. The suit claim’s MTO website and its owner reportedly published several articles that claimed Kim’s falsehood without any factual support.

The website outlet claimed the Kardashian faked the robbery and lied about the violent assault to file a fraudulent insurance claim to collect a million dollar payout. The suit also stated that the defendant’s malicious publications have painted the victim as a criminal who has committed a series crime.

On October 2nd at 3 am, Kim Kardashian was reportedly held at gunpoint and tied up and locked in a bathroom in her Paris hotel room. The star was reportedly also robbed of 11 million dollars’ worth of jewelry.

The Defendants, claims the suit, published these articles under misleading and false headlines. The suit also claims that these headlines imposed that the reality TV star purposely staged a robbery and committed a federal crime by engaging in insurance fraud.

The articles are fraught with unsupported allegations and fail to identify any credible sources to back up these wild claims. Last but not least, the suit also states that the Defendants reckless and malicious publications were calculated to cause maximum harm to the victim.

Kardashian West representatives commented on the night in question that Kim was shaken, but she was physically unharmed. Since the robbery, E! Entertainment production has halted Keeping Up with the Kardashians series and has yet to announce when they will continue their production plans.

Kim Kardashian West and her attorneys are seeking special, punitive and exemplary damages for libel. The website nor the owner has yet to comment a public response toward the impending lawsuit.