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Kim Kardashian-West models for a sportswear brand, Wardrobe.NYC. West’s decision for modeling in sports gear came about when she saw the collection. 

Stylist Christine Centenera and designer Josh Goot created the collection, featuring black sports looks. Opposed to other companies, this brand markets their items in a full collection. It’s a direct-to-consumer contact, no middle-man retailer needed.

The company’s second collection involves crop tops, leggings, bike shorts, long sleeves, and Adidas for women. This season retails for five hundred dollars, whereas last season retailed for a thousand dollars. 

Its wardrobe seems to be inspired by West’s iconic look. The Kardashian sisters’ image highlights neutral colors, sleek designs, and modern wear. West comments on the recent collection,

“ It feels fresh. It’s an easy way to look and feel great in clothes without having to think about it. All the pieces are considered and coordinated so you don’t have to put it together—it just works.”

She then says, 

“I also think it’s important for women to support other women entrepreneurs. I trust Christine’s taste and the way she puts things together. So when she creates a pack like this, it makes sense to buy in.”


The famous figure appeared in other brand advertisements such as Calvin Klein and Fendi. However, she chose this brand to model for because it serves as a feminist project. West uses her platform to empower women— in this case, Centenera. W Magazine asked Centenera “what makes Kim a Wardrobe.NYC woman?” She answered,

“Kim leads an active, busy lifestyle—a mother and a businesswoman, who loves training and fitness and, at the same time, appreciates design and quality. Seeing Kim in the pieces was inspiring. It reminded me of the relevance and appeal of our concept, and how it resonates with a modern woman, from a cultural icon to anyone who leads a demanding life and appreciates beautifully made practical clothing.”