LAPD has added 100 new cars to their fleet, but not just your regular run of the mill squad cars, they have gone green and acquired electric cars.

As part of the “Sustainable City Plan”, Los Angeles Police department has until 2017 to ensure that half of their light duty vehicles are made up of electronic vehicles (EVs). The city hopes the new plan will decrease pollution within the city by  replacing government vehicles with EVs.

Just last month, LAPD was looking towards the Tesla Model S as a solution to their EV needs. The Tesla ticked all the boxes that the police department required, it was fast, safe, and had ample back seat space. However after further consideration, a deal could not be struck simply because the Model S is currently too expensive for the police department to purchase in bulk.

This caused them to consider other, cheaper options, which lead them to the BMW i3, a small compact (comparable in size to a Mini Cooper) EV that is a much cheaper option when compared to the Tesla. While the i3 is not a true thorough breed EV (it’s a plug-in hybrid), it still satisfies the conditions of the plan. According to The Verge, BMW won a contract with LAPD to supply them with 100 of  its compact electric cars.

LAPD has also teamed up with Greenlots, a company that specialises in managing EV chargers, to find a solution to keep the mini police cars charged and ready for action. In a press release Greenlots stated it will install 100 level 2 chargers and four Fast Charge stations specifically for the police department. The i3s were scheduled for delivery this spring and should soon be making appearances around the city.

Of course, due to the lack of power, cabin space and range restrictions, gasoline powered squad cars will be used in the event of emergencies and high-speed chases. The BMW i3s will strictly be used for non-emergency situations such as arriving at the scenes of minor accidents, patrolling, and quietly sneaking up on your local teenagers in a parking lot up to no good.


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