Following mass resignations from the Labour party since the Brexit win, party leaders have lost faith in Corbyn’s leadership skills.

The resignations from his front bench were supposed to encourage Mr Corbyn’s resignation, but he is still standing as the face of the Labour party. As it stands, Corbyn has lost 20 members of his shadow cabinet, as well as many other frontbenchers.

Following this, two Labour MPs have submitted a no-confidence motion against the leader.

The initial motion was filed by Dame Margaret Hodge. Shortly after, the motion was seconded by Ann Coffey before the meeting of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet earlier.

Hodge suggests that Corbyn did not try hard enough during the referendum campaign, leaving Labour voters confused about the message he was giving.

During her statement on Friday, following the UK’s exit from the EU she said “What we saw yesterday was swathes of Labour voters simply not voting Labour. Jeremy Corbyn could not connect with the people we needed to attract.”

She added, after a meeting at the House Of Commons on Monday, “I couldn’t believe the strength of feeling, the overwhelming rejection of Jeremy as our leader, and the pleading with him that he should consider his position and go with dignity.”

The results of the motion are likely to be in by 4.30pm (GMT).

No-confidence motions do not hold a formal status, yet it is likely that it will form the basis of a discussion within the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Many fear, including Dudley Councillor Dave Sparks, that if Corbyn’s leadership continues, the Labour Party could face its demise.

In an interview with the BBC he says that if ” leadership does not change both its leader and its course, the party is looking at its support disappearing in England as it has melted away in Scotland.”