Andrea Leadsom has recently been appointed as environmental secretary, which has raised concerns among senior figures involved in the environment and agriculture.

Many fear her lack of experience at a top level,  little to no track record in farming or environmental industry and ideological approach to policies may cause problems in the future.

Leadsom has previously claimed to support foxhunting, wanted to end farming subsidies, and once even questioned if climate change was real.

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is one of the sectors that will feel the biggest impact from Brexit and now may also suffer under Leadsom’s leadership, as the vast majority of the regulations within the ministry are currently created by the EU.

Tom Burke, previous adviser to three Conservative environmental secretaries stated:

“It was very bad day for the environment when Leadsom was appointed secretary of state, she has no instincts for it and no knowledge of it. All her instincts are that it gets in the way of the economy and she will want to remove all those things. It really is putting a fox in charge of the hen house.”

Caroline Spelman, former Tory environment secretary, has given Leadsom as word of advice:

“Currently, around 80% of the UK’s environmental legislation has been set and is regulated through our membership of the EU – much to the benefit of Defra’s partners. Therefore, I would urge Andrea to engage with these organisations, as well as our international colleagues, at the earliest opportunity. I wish her good luck in her new role.”