After Blaze Pizza announced they would be celebrating the Lakers’ signing of LeBron James by giving away free slices, James himself hinted he might make a stop at the company’s Culver City location. A massive crowd of Laker fans subsequently gathered at Culver City for the chance to see James:

LeBron owns part of the food chain, and is a spokesperson for the franchise as well. Many Laker fans believed they could catch a glimpse of their newest player, but LeBron never showed. Fans drove for hours, and waited in a line that stretched around the block to no avail.

Lakers nation went all out for James. Almost everyone gathered rocked their Laker gear, and hundreds of fans made signs in gitty anticipation.

Fans thought they spotted him at one point in an expensive car. They rushed over to the vehicle only to realize that it was a false alarm.

Still, they didn’t lose hope and continued to wait for LeBron. Unfortunately, their prayers were not answered as James was too busy lounging in a pool as revealed in an Instagram photo posted by his wife:

Donut kill my vibe😂😂😂 #OnMaMamaWeLivin

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Although James did not attend, Laker fans will have plenty of opportunities to see the 4-time NBA Most Valuable Player in action at the Staples Center when the season begins. It shouldn’t take long for James to win over the hearts of Los Angeles fans if he hasn’t done so already.


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