Nearly 275,000 liquid glitter cases for iPhones have been recalled after several consumers worldwide reported incidents where the cases caused skin irritation, blisters and chemical burns.

The MixBin cases, which are sold through retailers including Amazon, Henri Bendel, Nordstrom Rack, Tory Burch and Victoria’s Secret were recalled on August 1, 2017, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission says. The phone cases are reported to cause skin irritation or chemical burns when the glitter and liquid inside the case–which resembles that found in a snow globe– leaks from the case due to breakage or cracking of the case.

“One consumer reported permanent scarring from a chemical burn and another consumer reported chemical burns and swelling to her leg, face, neck, chest, upper body and hands,” CPSC said in a statement. So far there have been 24 reported cases worldwide of skin irritation or chemical burns, 19 0f which happened in the U.S.

Manufactured in China, the MixBin cases were sold for the iPhones 6, 6s and 7 from October 2015 up until this June for prices ranging between $15 and $65.  In total there were 263,00 units of the product, in addition to 11,000 being sold in Canada and 400 in Mexico, according to CPSC.

It is still unclear why the liquid has caused the reported reactions, but in order to stop any further incidents, it is recommended that consumers stop using the product immediately and contact MixBin Electronics for a full refund.

If you notice your iPhone case leaking onto your skin, “Immediately remove the object from contact with your skin, and if possible, remove clothing that could also contain the chemical,” Dr.Jessica J. Krant, M.D., MPH, a board-certified dermatologist in New York told SELF.

“Being burned by a chemical can be a little tricky because if the chemical stays on the skin, the damage may continue to worsen with time,” Dr. Krant said. “So a few seconds of a first-degree ‘redness’ burn can become a second, or possibly third-degree burn if the chemical is not washed off the skin.”

In a scenario as such, Dr. Krant advises that you wash the area with soap and water carefully, and then apply plain petroleum jelly to the area to soothe and protect the skin. She also advises that you visit your primary care doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible so they can determine the extent of the burn and how to heal the area for scarring, Dr. Krant told SELF.

And if the area has deep blistering or visible charring, “Go to an emergency room—not a walk-in clinic where they are unlikely to have a burn specialist.”

In order for a consumer to be refunded for an affected case, they must register and provide pictures. Once the claim is approved, further instructions for disposal will be provided, MixBin says.

A list of those recalled cases can be found on the CPSC website.

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