In an interview with Howard Stern, pop icon Madonna confesses that when she moved to New York when she was 19, she was very naïve, and her naivety could have potentially resulted in her being raped.

Madonna first told the public about the incident back in 2013, but in her recent interview with Stern, she elaborated on the subject claiming that she was sexually assaulted when she moved the New York from the Midwest.

According to Madonna, the assault occurred when she was attempting to use a pay phone and turned to a stranger for help, she stated, “I needed money for the telephone, the pay phone and then he gave it to me, and he was like ‘well, I just live right across the street, do you want to make the phone call from my house?’”

Madonna then said she went to the strangers home, where he raped the musician, but ended the story there saying, “The rest is not worth talking about.”

The 19 year old never pressed charges for the incident even though she could have, but she never really saw the point explaining that, “I was told if I wanted to press charges, I would need a physical examination and they were going to ask me all these personal questions. You know, you’ve already been violated… It’s just not worth it.”

Madonna continued to say that times were tough for her back when she first moved here, and that “My apartments kept getting robbed. I kept getting everything taken from me. I was attacked in the street.”

Despite never reporting the incident to the police because she felt that there was nothing that anyone could do, a feeling many suffer from, the musician turned out quiet exceptional despite the obstacles that clearly stood in her way. She did not let these hard times interrupt her goals and dreams, which she accomplished, becoming one of the biggest influences in music of the last century.

Photo By: Courtesy of Kevin Mazur