Martha McSally, House Representative from Arizona, has won the Republican Senate primaries for her state.

Arizona’s senatorial race gained a great deal of publicity, as McSally was the least conservative candidate in the running. Every other candidate running during the primaries varied in loyalty to President Donald Trump.

McSally was favored by the GOP, and she was considered to the rightful successor to Senator Jeff Flake. Flake was particularly critical of President Trump.

McSally distanced herself from Donald Trump during the 2016 elections, but she later stated that she was completely loyal to the president. Trump released a statement congratulating McSally on her win. He also confirmed his support for her campaign.

It read:

“Martha McSally, running in the Arizona Primary for U.S. Senate, was endorsed by rejected Senator Jeff Flake….and turned it down – a first! Now Martha, a great U.S. Military fighter jet pilot and highly respected member of Congress, WINS BIG. Congratulations, and on to November!”

McSally beat both former Senator Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Both Ward and Arpaio stressed their connections to President Trump.

Arapio, who has similar opinions on immigration to Trump’s, was recently pardoned by the president regarding his connections with immigration raids.

Ms. Ward, on the other hand, frequently expressed her support for the president by opposing Jeff Flake’s criticism of Trump. However, Ward undercut her chances of winning the nomination when she stated that the family of the late John McCain announced the end of the former senator’s cancer treatment in order to hurt her campaign. Voters were rightfully outraged by her disrespectful claims and no longer supported her.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons