The 2018 NBA Draft will commence on Thursday night, and it seems as though the Dallas Mavericks already have a prospect in mind.

That player is Luka Doncic. Nicknamed “The Wonderboy,” Doncic is one of the most hyped up international players to have entered the draft in recent memory. The Slovenian prodigy has been playing professional basketball since the age of 16, becoming the youngest player to debut with Real Madrid in the Liga ACB. He was named MVP of the Euroleague and Liga ACB at only 19 years old and helped his club win a championship in the process.

Despite being widely projected to be a top 2 pick a few weeks ago, impressive workouts from other prospects have caused Doncic’s draft stock to fall slightly. He could fall anywhere in the top 5, and the Mavs are reportedly ready to take him if he is on the board with their 5th pick. Will he fall that far?

It is no secret that this teen is destined for stardom, and teams ahead of Dallas, like the Grizzlies and Hawks, could very well snatch the guard before the Mavs get a chance.

In this case, the Mavs could look to trade up if the situation calls for it. The teams that hold picks 2-4 have all been involved with trade talks, so Dallas would have to make a better offer than other suitors if they think Doncic is their franchise cornerstone.

The Mavericks don’t want to regret missing out on a potential centerpiece for their organization, and neither will other teams according to Doncic. The Slovenian told Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports that “I can see who made a mistake not drafting me. After my rookie season, I will see who made a mistake.”

Prospects like this don’t come around often, but will the Mavs part with the assets necessary to land the promising European star?


Featured Image Via Flickr/Teresa Novillo Peláez