On Tuesday the Mets announced that Zack Wheeler was feeling elbow discomfort in his elbow as he is trying to come back from Tommy John surgery. So this wasn’t good news but lets fast forward to Wednesday. The Mets had a day game against the Royals. Yoenis Cespedes left the game early after appearing to injure himself on a swing. Then after the game, manager Terry Collins said that Noah Syndergaard was taken out of the game with a flared up elbow. And all Mets fans were holding their breath. Two injuries they can’t afford are to Syndergaard and Cespedes. Cespedes’ didn’t seem so serious but the Syndergaard one was scary. And the Wheeler elbow discomfort in his rehab wasn’t good news.

To a lot of Mets fans surprise, on Wednesday night the Mets announced good news on all three. Syndergaard had “no structural damage. Just elbow discomfort. Taking anti-inflammatory med. Cleared to resume normal routine.” And then with Cespedes they announced “He was diagnosed with a sprain of the left wrist. Had a cortisone shot. Is day-to-day.” Then finally with Wheeler they announced “He was diagnosed with sensory nerve irritation of right elbow. No structural issue. Had a cortisone injection. Can resume activity as tolerated.”

Overall, really good news for the Mets on all of these guys. And something Mets fans aren’t used to. When anything happens with a player they think the absolute worst. It wasn’t that concerning with Cespedes yesterday because he said himself he wasn’t worried. But with Wheeler and specifically Syndergaard, everyone was thinking the worst. Thinking oh man they’re both going to have to be shut down and the season is over. But in a twist for Mets fans, they got positive news. After a win on Wednesday, the Mets were holding their breath. And then they ended Wednesday with good news.

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