A week after the Nationals went into Citi Field and won a series against the Mets, the Mets have gone into Nationals Park and won a series from the Nationals. Now the season series is tied at three games a piece. The first two games of the series weren’t close, the Mets won game one 7-1 and the Nationals won game two 7-4, but game three was a low scoring close game. The Mets got a first inning home run from David Wright and really, that was all they needed. Another run wasn’t score until the top of the seventh after on routine double play that would have ended the inning Daniel Murphy let the ball go right through his legs, and then the next batter Rene Rivera had a base hit into left to brings home the second run. Steven Matz pitched a brilliant game for the Mets, going eight innings allowing just four hits and no runs.

It’s still only May, but it was important for the Mets to win this series. They didn’t want to lost two series to the Nationals in one week. This is going to be a close division race and it could be one that comes down to the head to head series. It’s very much possible that whoever wins the head to head series will end up winning the division, that is why every game against each other is so important, even if it is just May. After this series the Nationals now sit a half game in front of the Mets in the NL East. The next time these two teams will play will be June 27-29 in Washington and then will play one more time in New York right before the All-Star Break from July 7-10. So there is a month to go before the next series, and a lot can happen in the standings from now and then.

Featured Image via Flickr/Keith Allison

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