The Mets came into spring training 2015 with a lot of high hopes. Their ace Matt Harvey was back for the season after missing all of 2014 to get Tommy John Surgery. They had also signed outfielder Michael Cuddyer from The Minnesota Twins. Cuddyer’s bat was sure to provide the team with some much-needed offense. It seemed as if The Mets might actually have a shot at making the playoffs this year.

That’s when the bad news came in.

The Mets number 2 starter Zack Wheeler, who The Mets got in a trade from The San Francisco Giants for then outfielder Carlos Beltran, is out for the season with a very similar injury to the one that Matt Harvey suffered last season. Wheeler, who is going to need Tommy John surgery, was set to be The Met’s number 2 starter.

The Mets were initially going to trade one of their starters, either John Niese or Dillon Gee. However, now that Wheeler is going to be shelved for the entire season both of those men are poised to keep their starting roles with The New York Mets. The Mets, who are currently 9-8 in the spring, now need to bank on last year’s rookie of the year Jacob De Gromm, who lit up the opposing bats last season.

Zack Wheeler’s injury could not come at a worst time for The Mets; this is a team that finally seemed to have all of their players in order. David Wright, The Mets third basemen who was injured for a lot of last season, was as healthy as ever and ready to play this season.

The Mets are still confident that they can at least clinch one of the two National League wild card spots. Experts and baseball analysts are less than sure about The Mets prospects, mainly because of Wheelers arm injury. Still, though despite this, Wheeler plans on being back next season, stronger than ever.
Photo Via MLB