Angels at Orioles September 18, 2011

Angels manager Mike Scioscia has been the manager of the team since 2000. He has compiled a combined record of 1625-1404 (.536) at the time of this writing.

19 seasons is a long time for anybody to be in one organization, so when there was a report that Mike Scioscia would be stepping down after this season, it was unexpected, but I was not surprised.

Scioscia, 59, was asked about the report ahead of the Angels’ game against the Cleveland Indians Saturday and dismissed the reports.

It sounds like Scioscia is intent on continuing to manage.

Despite his intent, I do not think it would be ridiculous for the Angels to explore other options at the helm after this season, as much as I think Scioscia is a good manager and deserves to exit on his own terms.

The Angels have been pretty consistently disappointing each year since winning the AL West and being swept by the Kansas City Royals in the ALDS in 2014. They have already wasted a lot of seasons having one of the greatest baseball talents of all-time, Mike Trout. They have no real team success to show for his efforts, an indictment of the front office and not Trout, himself.

The Angels had boosted much of their roster this year, bringing in Zack Cozart and Ian Kinsler to weaponize their infield, and brought in Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani.

They have still disappointed with their 55-58 (.487) record this year. Now a lot of that is because Ohtani was out with injury, which is not anyone’s fault, but the fact is they have basically no pitching beyond him and Garrett Richards, while the rest of the team has not been as good at scoring as they thought the would be.

Maybe a change in manager could fix that? I don’t know if I really think that, but I would not doubt for a second that the Angels are considering such a move.

Scioscia was a 13-year veteran and two-time All-Star catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1980-1992, learning how to manage under the tutelage of Tommy Lasorda. Maybe Scioscia is just a little too old-timey for the modern game.

The Angels have a lot of talent, including a guy who could go down as the best player ever, when all is said and done, so if they think a new voice at the helm is what could inspire their team to perform, I don’t doubt them for making a switch.