There are places every traveler dreams of visiting at least once. Cities such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo have long since transcended their status as mere tourist destinations. They have entered our worldwide pop culture and had become legends. But that’s the problem with legends – they’re not true, not really. For every romantic outing in Paris, there are dozens of horror stories of standing in line for hours to enter the Louvre. For every nice meal in Rome, just as many people got taken advantage of in overpriced tourist traps.

Nobody likes to have their dreams dashed, but sometimes – we can use this information to adjust our expectations accordingly. These are some of the most overrated cities in the world.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco
Image by Pexels

The first thing that probably springs to mind for most of us when San Francisco is brought up is the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. The second set of things we associate San Francisco with are; a thriving, vibrant, and friendly Californian city, with a booming tech industry and huge art scene.

Still, while these things are true, there’s quite a bit more to them. San Fran is definitely one of the best places to be if you are an IT professional – that is, provided you’ve got a lot of money. With some of the most exorbitant housing prices, food, and living costs in the world, even people who earn a hefty salary find it difficult to live there. The fog that comes in and lingers for almost half a year is also a big turn-off.

While the residents are friendly and open, the city’s vibe is better suited to extroverts than introverts.

Prague, Czech Republic

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Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. Jaw-dropping architecture, great food, cheap beer. And it’s precisely this that also made it a city that overruns with hordes of obnoxious tourists, all year long. Selfie sticks, yelling, lines everywhere. The problem got so out of control that the city’s officials even had to ban segways from the historic center a few years back.

The cheap alcohol also means that there will always be plenty of inebriated loudmouths who want to rant and pick fights in almost every pub, bar or nightclub you go to. While things rarely escalate and get out of hand, it’s not a very pleasant experience to be a part of.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Image by Pexels

While Amsterdam has so much more to offer tourists, these days it’s synonymous with two things: legalized prostitution and junkiness. With the majority of the focus being placed on sex and drug tourism, it both tends to attract a more specific type of tourist, and at the same time – leaves a lot of other facets of tourism underdeveloped.

The infamous “coffee shops” are basically places where people go to consume marijuana, and foreign tourists – mostly young people – can often be found wandering the city streets, intoxicated and high.

Caution is advised in the red light district. While prostitution has long since been legalized, and the persons working there receive regular medical checkups, it’s still a somewhat sketchy activity, with regular reports of stolen wallets and similar mishaps.

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