On Monday, MoviePass users were met with yet another system error. Users were not able to use the phone app to purchase movie tickets. This was quite similar to an error which MoviePass faced on Thursday; the company was unable to buy tickets and had to ask for loans to pay for them. This consecutive chain of events has deeply damaged MoviePass’ parent company, Helios and Matheson.

MoviePass’ stock has subsequently fallen 60%, closing at 80 cents in the NASDAQ Exchange on Monday. As a result, MoviePass could potentially be delisted.

Customers in Los Angeles were only able to buy tickets at Landmark theaters, and most customers were completely unable to buy Mission Impossible: Fallout tickets at all throughout the weekend. Mistakes such as these tend to occur during particularly busy opening weekends. MoviePass was also unable to provide tickets during the opening weekend of Ant-Man and the Wasp and Sorry to Bother You, which were both highly anticipated films.

MoviePass has released several statements via Twitter apologizing for the inconveniences. On Saturday, the company stated:

We are very sorry to users having issues checking-in this evening. Some users have reported issues with card-based check-ins and we are working towards a fix on this technical issue. In the meantime, all e-ticketing remains fully functional.”

Although e-ticketing is still an option for MoviePass’ users, e-ticketing is offered in very few theaters. To make matters even worse, Business Insider reported that the company’s chief told staffers that future blockbusters such as Christopher Robin and The Meg will also be unavailable for users.

All of this indicates that MoviePass’ lifespan may end up being short. It is likely that many MoviePass users will choose to move to other services with the rise of AMC theaters’ “AMC Stubs A-List,” which offers three tickets a week for $20 monthly.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons