From selfies to outrageous jokes to girl on girl kissing the MTV Movie Awards was an award winning night.

Host of the show, 33 year old comedian Amy Schumer started and ended the night with unforgettable laughs.

Just as Sarah Begley reports of Schumer’s humor, she pushes the boundry with jokes on “female sexuality, racism, cancer, and more.”

Schumer jokes about The Fault in Our Stars movie saying, “That was such a great movie, but I think they should have gone with the original title,’Cancer Schmancer’”

Other racy jokes that followed were, “Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s taking Zayn’s spot in One Direction.”

Schumer was even seen kissing Wiz Khalifa’s estranged wife Amber Rose. She later posted a picture to Instagram stating “I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer.”

Through all the raciness no one was disappointed in Schumer’s performance.

Before the show began many stars were seen showing their fans some love on the red carpet with some selfie action. Stars like Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez made sure to save some time for a quick selfie.

The biggest moments of the awards consist of the Magic Mike star Channing Tatum’s on stage twerk session on American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez as he presented her with the Scared As Shit Performance award.

Fall Out Boy rocked out the night with their song “Centuries” as rapper Fetty Wap joined the boys to create an unforgettable performance.

Another group of great performers was the mix of Charli XCX, Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe as they attacked pop hit “Drop That Kitty”

Best Female Performance and Best Kiss award winner Shailene Woodley stumbled on her acceptance speech and left audiences puzzled.

While Zac Efron and Dave Franco also had a dud acceptance when they attempted a comedic script of Zac Efron attempting to grab on to Dave Franco’s private sector.

No one can forget the anticipating moment of waiting for the release of the exclusive clip from Pitch Perfect 2. Star of the film Rebel Wilson introduces their clip as the “exclusive clit.”

It is not the MTV Movie Awards without a night filled of racy and hilarious entertainment.