The Emmys shine a light on major achievements in the entertainment world. Whether somebody receives a nomination or wins a category, it’s an honor to be a part of the award ceremony. For the 2018 Emmys, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

The government science administration got the nomination in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category for Cassini’s “Grand Finale.” Cassini is an orbiter that has been in space for nearly twenty years. For the past thirteen years, Cassini traveled around Saturn. The orbiter recently dove towards the planet— its final quest. 

NASA’s orbiter had been destroyed— intentionally— to prevent the potential contamination of Saturn’s moons. Asides from the stunning images, scientists found evidence for the possible life on Enceladus’ interior ocean and Titan, both moons of Saturn. 


Cassini project scientist, Linda Spilker, said,

Cassini’s grand finale is so much more than a final plunge. It’s a thrilling final chapter for our intrepid spacecraft, and so scientifically rich that it was the clear and obvious choice for how to end the mission.”

The live footage captured stellar clips of the planet and its rings. NASA shared Cassini’s journey with others through social media. By posting pictures, television broadcasts, and 360 videos clips, scientists were able to bring people along Cassini’s journey into the unknown. A short film had been created, highlighting the history and drama of the expedition. 

Clearly, NASA usually does not receive nominations like this. Nevertheless, the film encapsulated Saturn’s beauty in such a profound way. Cassini showed viewers Saturn’s rings, moons and odd charm that left many in awe. 

Featured Image via/ NASA