Featured image via Pexels/Medhat Ayad

European court doesn’t break over KitKat

Nestle attempted to overturn a ruling a European court ruling that claimed it had not proven KitKat’s shape should be allowed a trademark. The European Court of Justice dismissed this attempt quickly and set them back even more.

In fact, not only did they dismiss the attempted overturn, but they also mentioned that the European Union Intellectual Property Office should reanalyze its former decision to trademark KitKat. Back in 2006, the Intellectual Property Office gave KitKat a trademark, but Cadbury later challenged this which led to this most recent development.

Nestle has announced that it will continue to fight this lawsuit, as the KitKat shape and style is important to their company brand. Plus, although the European Union as a whole may not trademark the candy bar shape, Nestle can potentially trademark it in the individual states.

However, this may not work. Although Australia, Canada, and France have all approved the trademark, Britain rejected it in 2016. Consequently, this will lead to more struggles for Nestle and their law team.

From January to June, Nestle faced a major dip in stock value, but they have picked it up recently. Nestle’s stock slightly dipped on Wednesday, but over the past 30 days, it has jumped over six percent.

If Nestle cannot secure the KitKat trademark, it could take a significant hit to its branding. If others can replicate KitKats, their sales could take a beating.